Shuuga Mobile Advertising Platform

Shuuga Mobile Advertising Platform

Shuuga is a geolocation based mobile advertising platform that connects users with their favourite brands and stores. Users download the free Shuuga iPhone or Android app, add retailers or retail categories to their favourites, and receive freebies and promotions immediately via push notifications. Users can search for promotions and sales nearby, or setup the application to alert them when their favourite brands or products are on promotion. Merchants sign up to Shuuga, create their stores and populate them with advertisements. The Shuuga platform pushes relevant advertisement notifications to the user, or the ads are returned when geolocation user searches are performed.

Skipjack designed and developed the API that drives both iPhone and Android applications, developed custom CMS tools for Merchants to manage their stores and advertisements, and HTML + CSS authored the marketing website.


  • HTML + CSS + jQuery
  • PHP
  • API
  • CMS
  • MySQL DB Design

Multi-level CMS Tools

The Shuuga administrator moderates Merchants and their stores and advertisements. Merchants manange multiple stores and advertisements.

Mobile API

An API developed using PHP allows the Shuuga iPhone and Android applications to communicate and interact with the Shuuga platform.

Geospatial MySQL

MySQL geospatial extensions allow Shuuga to store actual geolocation points that can be returned using location-based database queries.

Location Conscious

The mobile application constantly tracks the user's location, returning deals within a selected range by querying the Shuuga API.

Automated advertisement activation

A Cron job periodically runs scripts that activates or deactivates ads as they expire or become active.

HTML5, CSS3, jQuery

The marketing site is developed using HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery technologies.