Canon Features Photographic, video and printer products

Canon Features is a website showcasing the features available across Canon photographic, video and printer products. Skipjack collaborated with The Brainstorm Group and Andries Odendaal, an independent Cape Town based new media guru and developer. The site is available in English and French, and features database-driven, interactive flash menus, which drill down into feature pages. Feature blocks have flash-based product strips indicating which products features apply to.

Since the website's launch, the content has been refreshed on a bi-annual basis, and additional modules have been developed like lead generation forms, Canon Features Retailer product catalogues, and high performance technologies have been implemented.


  • HTML + CSS + jQuery
  • PHP
  • SEO
  • Adobe Flash
  • Multi-language

Database Driven Product Catalogue

All product and category information resides in a MySQL database, the structure of which assigns products to one or more features within categories.

Search Engine Optimization

The site is optimized for search engines by using semantic HTML, search engine friendly URLs and exposing all categories and products.

Dynamic Flash Navigation

The site features a database-driven Flash navigation system that zooms in and out of each category on mouse over.

High Performance Technologies

Best practices for making web pages load as fast as possible are implemented, ensuring a speedy and seamless experience for website visitors.

Multi-language content

The site content is available in English and French, and includes a language switcher to flip between the two languages.

Dynamic Product Strips

Feature content blocks contain database-driven product sliders, allowing users to drill down to product pages pages that contain images and product features.